What is Get Google search for images Bookmarklet?

Google offers a service called Google Images, which allows users to search for images on the web. You can use Google Images to find pictures, photos, graphics, and other visual content related to specific keywords or topics. Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Go to the Google Images website (images.google.com) or open the Google app on your mobile device.
  2. In the search bar, enter the keywords or phrases related to the images you’re looking for. For example, you can type in “landscape photography,” “cute kittens,” or any other specific query.
  3. Press the “Enter” key or tap the search icon to initiate the image search.
  4. Google will display a grid of images that match your search query. You can scroll through the results to find the images you’re interested in.
  5. Click on an image to view it in a larger size. You can also click on the “Visit” button or the image source link to go to the website where the image is hosted, if available.
  6. To access more search tools and options, you can click on the “Tools” button below the search bar. This allows you to filter results by size, color, type, and usage rights.

Let’s take a look at the code for how to implement “get Google search for images bookmarks”:


How to create this Google search for images bookmark?

Create a New Bookmark: In your web browser, go to the webpage where you want to create the bookmarklet. Then, right-click on your bookmarks bar and select “Add Page” or “Bookmark This Page” (the exact wording may vary depending on your browser).

Name the Bookmark: Give your bookmarklet a descriptive name. You can name it something like “Get Window Size” or whatever you prefer.

Edit the URL/Address: Instead of a website URL, you will enter JavaScript code into the URL field of the bookmark. for getting the window size is as follows: Copy and paste the above code into the URL field of your bookmark.

Save the Bookmark: Click the “Save” or “Done” button to save your new bookmarklet.

Now, whenever you want to check the size of the browser window on a webpage, simply click on the bookmarklet you just created. A popup or alert box will appear, displaying the width and height of the browser window in pixels.Please note that the exact process for creating bookmarks and using bookmarklets may vary slightly depending on your web browser. The above instructions are general guidelines and should work for most modern browsers.